VR Program


VR Based Learning Courses
To Empower The Youth & Children Mentally
And Physically

Looking at how Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been utilized by the gaming and movie industries in terms of consumer engagement, we think VR can be used to enhance student learning and engagement by bringing real-life simulated experiences into the learning process.

Imagine a child or a young individual seeing the pyramids in 3D when going over the world civilizations class.

What a unique learning experience that would be and what a remarkable way to engage the mind. ECIC is working with experts to develop the initial requirements for VR-based learning courses to empower the children mentally and physically.

Through the virtual experience, students can learn about the subject by living in it.

It works on the thought of creating a virtual world real- or imaginary – and allows individuals to not only see it but also to interact with it.

Being immersed in what you are learning motivates you to fully understand the subject.

With VR, they are not limited to word descriptions or book illustrations; they can explore the topic and see how things are put together.